A Portrait of Spirit

“Jen provided me valid information that I will benefit from in this present time of my life. I am very grateful that I chose to sit for a reading/drawing!” -Spirit Sketch client

~What is a Spirit Sketch?

Spirit sketches are channeled, custom drawn portraits of the energy that is surrounding you at this present moment in time. Examples of energies that have come through are angels, past lives, Saints, Star-beings, and passed loved ones.

To learn more about me and my beginnings on this path, see: https://spiritsketches.com/about-jen/

~What happens during a spirit sketch session?

After going into a brief meditation, I begin to download images, colors and symbols. Once I feel a good grasp of the energy coming through, I request spirit to guide my hands in drawing the likeness that will be most beneficial to you. I will then channel further guidance and messages and questions can also be asked of the energy at this time.

~What comes out of the session?

You will receive your very own personalized 9 x 12 professional sketch of a particular image that comes from the meditation. This could be a goddess or warrior archetype, starseed/ galactic heritage, a past, parallel or future life, someone you know who’s currently living or past away, etc.   Many have framed their sketches and use them as a touchstone to the guidance received during this session. It is unique to the individual and different every time, based on what you may need to hear and present life circumstances.

~Will I get detailed answers to my present circumstances?

The answers can always be found within, however, these spiritual energies help to provide recognition, validation, and a jumping-off point in your spiritual journey.  You may also ask specific questions of the energy during your allotted time-frame.  Messages will typically persist and come through for you regardless of questions.

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