A Guided Meditation

Find a quiet space you can get comfortable in (even your bed will work).  Feel free to light a candle or play soft instrumental music if it will add to your experience.  Spend a few moments looking at the drawing, then sit in stillness.  Set your spiritual intent to contact the spirit energy that came through.  If you like, do a prayer to ask for spiritual support as you make contact.

Inwardly, call in this energy, and start to open up your awareness of their presence. You may see them in your third eye,  feel their presence, hear them communicating, or somehow just know they are there. As spirit, acknowledge their presence and allow yourself to receive a “hello” back from them.

Take some deep breaths and just be in their presence. Ask if they have a message for you (this can be done verbally or inwardly- whichever feels right).  Be still and allow yourself to receive their communication. Just be…and listen.

After a few minutes, or when the process feels complete, bring your palms together in front of your heart, and thank them with gratitude. You may then allow the connection to be complete and focus your attention on yourself.

Notice how you feel after doing the Meditation, take a few deep breaths and slowly open your eyes.

Give yourself some time to process this experience before moving on to other activities. You may want to journal, go for a quiet walk, or meditate with a focus on yourself.

These are all just ideas, and you can cater it to your own particular style or comfort level.

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