List of Services/ Pricing

Jen sees clients by appointment only.

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I read through Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc!

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Spirit Sketches Facebook Page

Evening and Weekends available upon request, just call or text (708) 820-8212 


img_1659Spirit Sketches– A snap-shot of the energy surrounding you at this time. The portrait of a face most beneficial for you at this time. Passed loved ones, past/parallel existences, Angels and star beings are all examples of energies that have come through.

*Full Session: $195- One hour private session in person or skype, includes 9×12 chalk pastel sketch and channeled intuitive reading with question & answer time.  Add $5 for shipping of sketch if done over Skype/Video Chat.

*Mini: $95 –  25 minute session, with main message of guidance. No channeling or question & answers.  9×12 chalk pastel sketch. Add $5 for shipping of sketch if done over Skype/Video Chat.


Power Chakra Portraits: an intuitive reading of your most powerful chakras, Jen channels your beauty and strength during a mutual meditation. Your portrait is then visually drawn with emphasis on your inner strength. An aura reading is included and drawn around your finished portrait. $175 (90 minutes )


Soul Lineage: The many faces of your past, parallel and future selves come through. Once the sketch is complete, you may request channeled messages and/or information for up to three faces that come through. This particular option is set at a different price structure than those found above. ($210 for an 8.5 x 11 sketch and a 1 hour channeling session scheduled after the original sketch. Price includes shipping)

Akashic Records Intuitive Reading:

$40 for 15 minutes: one question/ $75 for 30 minutes/ $140 for 1 hour – A channeled reading without the sketch (Jen describes the images coming through, channels spirit, and questions may also be asked)

Private Parties

GROUP RATES (Minimum of 3 people, maximum of 6 people)

Full Spirit Sketch (1 hour): $185 pp          30 min Akashic: $65

Mini Spirit Sketch (30min):  $75 pp          60 min Akashic: $130

Energy Work:  

Using a blend of Usui Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, and intuitively guided techniques, negative and/or lower vibrational energies are cleared from your body and auric field that create dis-ease. The result is centered wholeness of self and awareness of your current life path.  $100 for 1 hour For a thorough description, please see:  Shamanic Therapy Session Described

Please Contact Jen  (SpiritSketches  (@) Gmail. Com) for an appointment or any further questions or requests

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