Shamanic Therapy Sessions

I am a certified Reiki II practitioner through Exultation Healing, and currently up to Level 9 through Sacred Journey Institute‘s  Shamanic Craniosacral Therapy Program.

Using an intuitive blend of both modalities, I guide you towards a path of optimal wellness.  My goal during sessions is to gently open the doorways, with an open heart, to the places that crave the most awareness and light.

A typical session…

You will be in a relaxed pose, either on a massage table or in a chair depending on your preference, in the comfortable clothes you wore to the appointment, and can expect light -to no- touch that may be aided by crystals, meditative music, aromatherapy, or simple silence. My sessions are also offered long-distance, which run just as long as a regular session.  Both Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy can be provided to individuals of any age, as well as pet companions.

If requested, Channeling further wisdom is always available during the session.

Please feel free to schedule a free phone consultation with any questions or concerns.  It is my ultimate joy in providing compassion, space and clarity for all.

$100 for 1 hour and 15 minutes

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