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“I have worked with Jen for many years now. She has been an amazing source of support, strength, and spirituality. I have often come to her for a reading when I was in pain, or at a crossroads, or curious. She always tells the truth, in the most grounding and gentle way possible. She is connected to source, and has often given me amazing advice. You can feel her kindness and authenticity in every interaction. If you are in a state of wonder, she is waiting for you.” – Jessica V., Seattle, WA

“Jen with Spirit Sketches is phenomenal! Where to begin. I’ve had (3) spirit “sketches” with her over several years. Too much and too detailed to share but trust me, each sketch was a meaningful part of my spiritual life.  I’ve also had multiple readings and her accuracy is incredible. I’ve had many experiences where she has shared things that end up being exact words, phrases, scenarios that either happened later or had already transpired. Additionally, throughout a very difficult transitional period she has provided spiritual guidance that has allowed me to move with greater confidence and grace and on one occassion, her guidance impacted my health in a very significant way that has gotten me on a trajectory to physical healing. I would highly recommend Jen for spiritual guidance. I’ve referred her to 2 friends who also loved her! Trust me, you will not regret your choice to work with her!” -Erika W, Captiva, FL

“An absolutely fantastic session with one of the most talented Akashic Records readers. You get sketches and tons of information about your previous lives and your loved ones that already crossed over. Jen is not only a talented artist but also has huge knowledge about all spiritual stuff, from Past Lives to aliens, spirits, etc. And the sketch she drew me has such a positive and healing energy. I’ll definitely contact her again.” -Agnieszka W, Sarasota, FL

“If you are receptive and ready for some profound healing and/or productive ethereal guidance, Jen is your gal for that kind of magic. An authentic, trustworthy and creative intuitive healer, Jen has been an invaluable resource for cultivating space within (and around) me to ‘find the ministry in my mess.’ I’ve worked with her for many years and I treasure when I feel called to reach out to her. Her whimsical, fairy-like and ridiculously fun and loving energy is icing on the psychic cake.” – Adrienne Z, Evanston, IL

I cannot stop staring at [my sketch]. Seriously, every time I look, it’s like their facial expression is different! They laugh when we are being silly and are calm when we are resting. It’s the most beautiful thing in our apartment. Thank you again for such a beautiful gift – hearing you speak and seeing you draw was the greatest experience and I’m so happy I got to bear witness to you doing this incredible gift.  ~Melanie S., Chicago, IL

During this client’s session, I felt her father’s energy come through, and she later verified he had passed. She emailed me a month after our session, and provided photos of her father as a boy (whom he came through visually in his youth, the self  he felt more connected with).
It was so amazing meeting you & having the session with you (& my dad!) last month.  My logical, engineer daughter was amazed & commented on how much it looks like her cousin (who very much resembles my dad/his/their grandfather). Anyway, I found a couple of photos of my dad as a boy, and, well, you be the judge! You have a really amazing talent, both as an artist and as a healer. Thank you for recognizing your gifts and sharing them. It’s funny, even though I was rattled at the time of our session, I’ve been totally at peace with everything that was said since. Thanks again!” -Spirit Sketch Client


“Just wanted to say thanks for my spirit sketch!  It was a really neat experience and I love the sketch. I keep going back to look at her. I enjoyed watching you, you really shined! Clearly in your element. I Love it, thank you!” ~Sara

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