During this client’s session, I felt her father’s energy come through, and she later verified he had passed. She emailed me a month after our session, and provided photos of her father as a boy (whom he came through visually in his youth, the self  he felt more connected with).
It was so amazing meeting you & having the session with you (& my dad!) last month.  My logical, engineer daughter was amazed & commented on how much it looks like her cousin (who very much resembles my dad/his/their grandfather). Anyway, I found a couple of photos of my dad as a boy, and, well, you be the judge! You have a really amazing talent, both as an artist and as a healer. Thank you for recognizing your gifts and sharing them. It’s funny, even though I was rattled at the time of our session, I’ve been totally at peace with everything that was said since. Thanks again!” -Spirit Sketch Client


“Just wanted to say thanks for my spirit sketch!  It was a really neat experience and I love the sketch. I keep going back to look at her. I enjoyed watching you, you really shined! Clearly in your element. I Love it, thank you!” ~Sara