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I’ve always been a prolific and successful artist (as well as earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Columbia), however, my journey into Spirit Sketches began while taking classes to become a Craniosacral Therapist in the Shamanic tradition through Sacred Journey Institute.   Meditation and intention was an integral piece to the curriculum, which allowed  further introspection and contemplation over what reality truly is, as well as my place within that construct.  During class, we were shown various techniques to learn, followed up with a pairing-up and practicing on our fellow classmates.   It was during these exchanges that I began to have visions coupled with strong emotions regarding whomever I worked on.  The experience was intensely vivid and real.  With hesitation, I always asked my partner if they’d like to know what I saw, and every time, the information I shared would resonate strongly.

During this time, I also began to play with automatic writing and channeling.  I would get in my quiet space, verbally request that a high vibrational energy communicate through me, and wait.  I began writing down words, not knowing what the next word would be until I wrote down the following word.  The information was filled with love, wisdom, and clarity.  The most striking component was the way vocabulary and sentences were formed.  It was completely unlike my style of writing.

On one occasion, after successful transmission of much needed and relevant guidance, I decided to request spirit to guide my hand in drawing their portrait.  It was at this moment that I believe Spirit Sketches was truly born.  The face looking back at me was warm and loving and I felt a strong connection even though the features did not resemble anyone I currently knew.


Shortly after this occurred, I was asked to be a featured artist at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago.  Feeling strongly compelled to dive into this uninhabited territory, I suggested an interactive and meditative spirit guide sketch reading.   Originally, they were asking me to exhibit stand alone work, but they ultimately loved this concept, which allowed me to get my feet wet.    Met with extreme enthusiasm, further events began to be offered consistently.  With each sketch, I found my abilities expanding, and also began to pull through passed loved ones with accuracy and ease.  Always a firm skeptic in these avenues,  it was after multiple strangers validated multiple readings, that I knew that what I was accessing was legit and not the result of an overactive imagination.

I feel comfortable as ever in this newfound talent, as well as incredibly passionate and excited to share it with the world!

Always feel welcome to E-mail with any questions or concerns you may have.  It is my goal and ultimate joy to provide an uplifting experience for each individual session.   I look forward to working with you and communicating your spirit’s energy!

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