Spirit Sketch Samples

Please visit the Spirit Sketch Facebook page, where new sketches are updated and added frequently.   Here are a few examples with the information that was channeled.

“I cannot stop staring at Penelope. seriously, every time I look it’s like their facial expression is different! They laugh when we are being silly and are calm when we are resting. It’s the most beautiful thing in our apartment. Thank you again for such a beautiful gift – hearing you speak and seeing you draw was the greatest experience and I’m so happy I got to bear witness to you doing this incredible gift.”  ~Melanie S., Spirit Sketch Client

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 4.39.44 PM

This young and beautiful energy was validated as the client’s sister. I saw a woman who loved music and dancing- a free spirit. Her message to the client was in comfort, letting her know everything would be okay.


 This is Shakti. She was a strong and powerful feminine energy with a combination of goddess personalities. Various symbols kept appearing to me during this session- arrows, falcons, serpent kundalini energy, etc. However, the most prominent image that kept coming up were this energy’s eyes, with the beaded tassles that delicately hung over them.
Charismatic and attractive, this spirit was a young man who truly enjoyed life. I saw him living on an island, and spending much of his time by the water. His message for the client was to focus on finding her joy in life.